The Official Japanese Emoticons iPhone & iPad App Is Finally Here!

After long last the official Japanese Emoticons iPhone and iPad app is finally here!

Download the Japanese Emotions iPhone/iPad App here!

I need everyone who likes to use this site to help me out a little bit here.  During the first week that this app is available I need as many downloads as possible and more importantly as many 5-star reviews as possible.

This helps the app get found easier on the app store so please, if you enjoy using the site download the app, leave a 5-star review and tell all your friends!

About the App

This app features the entire database of Japanese emoticons available on this website.  Simply tap on the emoticon you want and it’s copied.  Then just paste it into whatever other app you want to use it.

There’s a favourites menu so if you have certain emoticons that you really love to use you can save them so you’re not always digging through a giant list to find them.

You can also create your own emoticons and even generate random ones, save them to your favourites menu and use them like the other emoticons.

Here are some examples of awesome randomly generated emoticons that I made with the app:

ᕙ (❁^д ^*)っ ((☆^⌓ ^☆)╭ 「(#Φ益 Φo)∩
⊂(o•ิ▂ ñ*)づ ╭ (oㅇ‿ o#)ᕗ -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ
Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ” 「(;´Σ `〃)ヘ ヾ (;・﹏ •̀☆)b
╮ (☆-_ ⊙;)ゞ ლ (#`ロ^;)> ᕦ(;*Σ ⌒❁)ᕗ

Download the Japanese Emotions iPhone/iPad App here!

The Story and History Behind This App

I’ve been sort of planning and working towards making an app for over a year now.  I finally got everything designed and planned out and hired a programmer in May and the app was finished in June.

Then the Apple App Store Review Board refused to approve the app which was something I never expected.

They said the app didn’t have any entertainment value and wasn’t useful.

So I ended up fighting with the Review Board for about 3 weeks but they would not change their  mind.

A friend of mine suggested I add a create an emoticon feature so I designed that section, hired a programmer again and added that section to the app.  That ended up taking another couple of weeks to get done.

So the app was supposed to have launched back at the start of June but got pushed back to August because off the App Review Board.

This is why it looks like I’ve been teasing a surprise now for a really long time.  I was planning on launching the app a lot closer to when I first made that “something awesome is coming soon” blog post.

But everything’s good now and you can download the app today.

Download the Japanese Emotions iPhone/iPad App here!

And remember, we need as many downloads and 5-star reviews during this first week as possible to please tell your friends and also leave a 5-star review.

I hope you enjoy the app, I put a ton of work into it.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


  1. says

    Oh wow. Unfortunately I’m an Android user but gotta say I love the generate an emoticon feature! Major props to you for fighting to get the app out! I know people are definitely going to enjoy this. (^▽^)

    • Peter says

      Thanks! I’m hoping to make an Android version soon too but I need to make back some of the money I spent getting this app made.

      I’m too poor to do both iOS and Android at the same time.

      • cottonb says

        ヽ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ~ I’m gonna advertise this app so you guys can make a profit to make a Droid version of the app!!

      • Savvy says

        Too bad it wasn’t Android first! I know about 20 personal friends/family who are exclusively Android users who would LOVE this. Add that to the 60+ people in our two local anime groups and I woulda been able to recruit about 100 people for you… >_<

        • Peter says

          The Android version will hopefully come soon once I make back some of the money that it cost to make the iPhone version. I’m too poor to make both versions at the same time.

  2. Emerson says

    I was waitinting for the surprise when I saw the images tablet and smatphone….I was happy but……I thought they were androids XD TT_TT
    Plz, make it to android too =/
    Qualquer erro encontrado na minha mensagem deve-se ao fato de eu não saber muito do idioma em que ela está escrita. (-_- ‘)

  3. Taro says

    This is such a great idea for an app! I’ve love using your site and now using on my phone will better! I’ll recommend to friends. I hope to see it in the future for android users. Thank you~

  4. Maureen says

    This is awesome!! I just got a smart phone (I know -.- ) and I can’t wait for the android version to come out!!

  5. LVS says

    Can’t wait till the Android version is out. I love using your site as my official site for kawaii emoticons ^-^ Thank you for making this app!!!

  6. says

    I use this site every single day. I couldn’t be happier to finally give you something back, even if it is only 99c.


  7. Lyr says

    I was just curious if you were able to make this available on computer. I think the randomly generated emotes could be quite useful/funny over stuff like skype/webdiscussions etc

    Would be cool 。◕‿◕。

  8. says

    Very cool! This site has been very useful but sadly I’m an Android user! I’ll try to spread this soon and hopefully wait for the Android version! The problem for any emoticon apps I’ve found is that I’m too lazy to switch between apps to copy something XD.

  9. Cindy says

    Ooooooohh!! I really love these emoticons, thank you for making an app!

    p.s. if you aren’t too busy though, how about an android app release? ^-^

    • Peter says

      I’m hoping to make an Android version once I make back the money that it cost to make this app. I probably won’t be making a Windows or Blackberry version unfortunately.

  10. mukki says

    Wow! First of all CONGRATS! ^_^
    I’ve been using your homepage for a while now and can say that I’m a regular here. So I’m very delighted to hear that you have the app up on the store! woohoo..:D

    anyways, thanks so much and keep up the great work, Peter!

  11. Satoshi-kuun says

    I permanently use Android.
    But I’ll buy it just to support you cause you guys are awesome!!
    Hope there will be one for Android soon :).

  12. lucky says

    Cool ! :D
    But i have an android phone ._.

    Anyway, i wanted to share with you this emoticon:
    I don’t think you already have it.

  13. ichigoteguz says

    I rated it but I’m poorer than you (still a kid, no income whatsoever), so buying it will be put off till further notice, I use your site a lot though so thank you for your hard work and keep at it, hope it goes well with your app.

  14. Kyrill says

    this is just fantastic! ♥ I’ve been waiting for this for far too long!! would have to wait for the Android release tho before I can use it ;; Hope it comes soon!

  15. Hughes says

    Oh man, generate your own emoticon? That’s awesome! And the ones you posted look great! I’m going to get this app asap. Any chance we could see that feature on this website in the future?

    • Peter says

      There is quite a strong possibility that we’ll be seeing a generate a random emoticon feature here soon. Stay tuned.

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